AXIS 1 | Changes in sociability and political action

Alexandre Coutant, Professor, Department of Social and Public Communication, UQAM


The first axis of research aims to analyze the use of digital media in relation to changes in social connections, sociability and political action. The impacts of practices relating to appropriation of devices are at the center of these questions, such as the way in which the digital practices of individuals are influential in their socialization, their integration in social networks and their citizen engagement.

What role do they play in the construction of individual and collective identities? What forces of social transformation can result from the networking of a very large number of users of online sharing and publishing tools?

The projects developed in this area focus on the online listening practices of young audiences, Twitter publics, the construction of minority identities in online spaces, the forms of sociability on social networking sites and the uses of social media as tools for political mobilization.

Keywords: sociability, political action, civic engagement

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