AXIS 2 | Changes in work and online contribution practices

Claudine Bonneau, Professor, Department of Management and Technology, UQAM

The second axis of research focuses on analyzing the uses of the media and digital technologies in relation to changes in productive and organizational dimensions of work. It aims to explore the structuring and transformative effect of the uses of collaborative tools on the activity, and the shaping of these same uses, in and through professional and organizational contexts. Its questions discuss the contributive dimension of uses and the interrelation between the uses of media and digital technologies and professional practices.

What impact do digital media have on collaboration in work contexts? What roles do they play in the emergence of new organizational models and alternative forms of production and innovation?

The projects from this axis discuss the reconfiguration of work in scientific circles, alternative forms of collaboration and peer production, the visibility of work within digital networks and the use of collaborative tools and social media in professional environments.

Keywords: work, contributory activity, professional practices, organization, collaboration, innovation.

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