AXIS 4 | Digital research methods for investigating uses of digital technology

Leader Mélanie Millette, Professor, Department of Social and Public Communication, UQAM Description What are the methodological challenges encountered when studying the uses of digital technology and what solutions can we provide? How can we combine traditional methods in social sciences and new “virtual” or “digital” methods? The third axis of research is devoted to these questions. More specifically, it aims to identify challenges raised by the study of uses of digital technologiesand to develop and test innovative methodological strategies to propose concrete solutions, combining different methods. In a context where algorithmic analyses of Big Data have become popularized, this axis maintains that qualitative research on small corpora and samples generating rich data (Thick Data) maintains its relevance. The projects in this axis focus on the use of new techniques for collecting and analyzing data, such as reflexive interviewing or co-analysis with the interviewed, the methodological challenges of analyzing the digital traces and experimentation as a research strategy. This axis is also interested in broader reflections on methodology and its role in social science work. For example, reflective and critical analysis of research on the uses of digital media, including its ethical issues, are developed by team members mobilized around this axis. Keywords: methodology, methods, data analysis, Thick Data, ethical issues

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