AXIS 4 | Research practices, methods and ethical concerns

Mélanie Millette, Professor, Department of Social and Public Communication, UQAM


This axis addresses research practice mutations on and with digital technologies in that they question social science epistemology and bring about methodological innovations. Research projects developed in this axis relate to :

  • The formalization of the emerging field of critical digital methods from the thick data approach developed at LabCMO, the contribution of feminist and decolonial epistemology and the articulation of a reflexive approach on the ethical concerns of research in a digital context;
  • the development, testing and refinement of research tools and methods for studying digital practices and devices, building on the Laboratory's CFI infrastructure;
  • community and practice environment engagement and intervention centred on co-design methods and data co-production.

Keywords: methodology, methods, data analysis, Thick Data, ethical issues


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