(Re)framing Big Data: activating situated knowledges and a feminist ethics of care in social media research

In this article, we seek to problematize assumptions and trends in “big data” digital methods and research through an intersectional feminist lens. This is articulated through a commitment to understand how a feminist ethics of care and Donna Haraway’s ideas about “situated knowledge” could work methodologically for social media research. Taking up current debates within feminist materialism and digital data, including big, small, thick, and “lively” data, the argument addresses how a set of coherent feminist methods and a corollary epistemology is being rethought in the field today. We consider how the “queering” of Hannah Arendt’s concept of “action” could contribute to a critically optimistic and inclusive reflection on the role of ethical political commitments to the subjects/objects of study imbricated in big data. Finally, we use our recent research to pose a number of practical questions about practices of care in social media research, pointing toward future research directions.

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