Forms of User Contribution in Online Communities: Mechanisms of Mutual Recognition between Contributors

Over  the  past  decade,  the  Internet  has  developed  as  a  space  for  socialisation  and sociability. At the same time, users of the Web are becoming information producers. We suggest that a certain unity underlies the diversity of collaborative practices in online environments. We are analyzing processes of creation and exchange in online environments along four dimensions: (a) modes of visibility that facilitate social recognition among contributors; (b) levels of expertise displayed  by  contributors;  (c)  norms  and  governance  models  among  groups  of  contributors;  (d) the insertion of contributory behaviours in the context of an economy of the immaterial based on the exchange of  informational goods. Our goal is to shed light on the complexity and fluidity of exchanges among  amateurs  and  professionals. We  illustrate  our  approach  by  looking  at  citizen cyberjournalism  and  the  case  of  OhmyNews.  Can  new  social  media  support  the  principles  of participatory democracy?  And, if so, how? To what extent are ordinary users empowered? Or are their contributions and their goodwill exploited by the organisations that aggregate them?

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